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Friend, I know you are struggling. I don’t want to see you struggle anymore. I, like you, want the hurting to stop!
I want you to know there is hope. I want you to feel empowered, to overcome life’s challenges whether they are anxiety or depression, marriage or parenting difficulties or any other issue you may be dealing with. You need to know that many others have travelled your same journey and found new direction.

At Bayridge, our goal is to not only be attentive to you, but to also help you find real solutions to real problems. We will walk alongside you, coaching you each step of the way, for as long as it takes.

We help people just like you… every single day.

Our counsellors are skilled! Our tools are simple, but the results are powerful!

Kim Christink
Director, The Bayridge Family Center

Our Areas of Focus

You don’t need to be in a crisis situation to choose counselling. Speaking to one of our therapists can provide you with tools to manage day to day stress as well as work through those times when circumstances feel overwhelming.

Maintaining that work/life balance can sometimes put a strain on even the healthiest couples. If you or your partner find you’re struggling in your relationship, speaking to one of our counsellors provides you the opportunity to learn tools to communicate effectively and work through those challenges.

No relationship is more complex than the relationships within our family and generally when one hurts, everyone hurts. Sitting down with one of our family therapists can facilitate better communication which ultimately leads to healthy long term relationships between family members. 

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A Word From Our Director, Kim Christink

A Word From Our Director, Kim Christink

You ask me why do I do, what I do? It is simple! I love it!

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