Kylie Howard BA (Hons)., Bed., MC

Kylie Howard BA (Hons)., Bed., MC

kylieFocus: Individuals, children, adolescents, teens, families, anxiety/depression, aggression, anger management, self-esteem, self-harm, parenting, social skills, ADHD, ODD/CD, life issues, divorce, bullying, emotional regulation, FASD, emotions/feeling recognition and management, school issues, peer issues

Office: Burlington

Practice Description

I believe that although everyone may struggle at different times in their lives, we all have the ability to overcome these struggles and emerge stronger.  When working with young children, I employ a team approach with parents/caregivers, the child and myself.  The knowledge that parents can bring to therapy is essential because no one knows your child better than you!  You are the expert!  We will work together and implement strategies that can be useful at home for both you and your child.  When I meet with your child, I work to understand their individual goals, interests and hopes for the future and engage them in creative, therapeutic approaches so that they find counselling both fun and meaningful.  I have witnessed the resiliency of children and teens first hand and pride myself on being able to support children and young adults in their journey.  Worrying that your child may be different in some way can be scary and stressful, but I am here to support your entire family through the process and provide hope to keep you going.

When I think back to my teenage years, I remember wanting someone to talk to that had been there before and could understand some of the things I was going through.  I wanted someone to talk to that would listen but I was not always comfortable speaking to my parents about some of the issues I was facing.  As a teen entering into counselling, you can expect that we will spend time speaking so that I am able to understand where you come from and try to understand life from your perspective.  We focus on what is important to you and I can help you work towards the goals that you deem most important for you in.  My role is not to pass judgement on your choices.  My role is to support you on your journey in becoming the person you hope to be, while working in a way that makes the most sense for you.

My Background

I have been lucky enough to work with children and teens for over 10 years.  I began my career working as a 1:1 support worker for children with aggressive behaviours, autism, Down’s Syndrome and developmental delays.  I completed a bachelors degree in psychology and then went on to become a certified elementary school teacher.  My teaching experience gives me a strong understanding of the problems that children and teens may face in the school system and I am able to use this experience to ensure optimal results in counselling for both you and your child or teen.  After teacher’s college, I was also lucky enough to move overseas to both Korea and the Middle East to pursue a career in teaching while also having the opportunity to live in and experience different cultural and religious environments.  This experience has made me more culturally competent in my practice and I am able to approach the children and teens that I work with in a non-judgemental and accepting way.  Once I returned to Canada, I completed my Master of Counselling degree.  Currently, I am working with children who have experienced trauma or struggle with mental illness which manifests in aggression.

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