5 Mindsets That Interfere With a Relationship


5 Mindsets That Interfere With a Relationship

Published On: May 11, 2015
  1. Fear of or worry about a situation or of a person: “I perceive a threat in you or am afraid you may not like me so I am on the defensive.”
  2. Desire that this moment or person will meet my demands of expectations, grant me my needed emotional supplies, or fulfill my wishes: “I am trying to get something from this or you.”
  3. Judgement can take the form of admiration, criticism, humor, moralism, positive or negative bias, censure, labeling, praise, or blame: “I am caught up in my own opinion about you or this.”
  4. Control happens when we force our own view or plan on someone else: “I am attached to a particular outcome and am caught in the need to fix, persuade, advise, or change you.”
  5. Illusion overrides reality and may occur as denial, projection, fantasy, hope, idealization, depreciation, or wish: “ I have a mental picture of my belief about you or this and it obscures what you are really like.”

Mark Laing, Counselor & Therapist


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