Alan Choi

Alan Choi


Registered Social Worker

Office: Burlington
Focus: Family, Addictions, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Individuals and Children, ADHD

Hello, my name is Alan Choi and I am a Registered Social Worker with a Master’s degree in Social Work. I have over 20 years’experience and have worked in the field as a Children’s Aid worker, school social worker and crisis therapist. I also have extensive experience working alongsidechildren with disabilities and ADHD. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Family Systems, and TransactionalAnalysis. I’m fairly eclectic in what “type” of therapy I use and believe will fit for each individual or family. I have experience in helping people with depression, anxiety, stress, addictions and family issues, and aim to use my skills to help you become happier, more productive and stress-free.

I started out in counselling after becoming interested in psychology because of the problems a family member was going through. Then later, while working with children with disabilities, I got a chance to work with some social workers who encouraged me to enter social work so I went back to school and got my Master’s in Social Work. I have always enjoyed working with the community and I relish helping people reach their peak potential.

Something has driven you to seek out counselling at this time and I hope to help you work towards something more positive. If you have been suffering from depression, anxiety, addictions or have family issues, I would be happy to assist you. I believe in looking at the person as a wholein the context of their family life, friendships and work life. I think when more aspects of a person are looked at,the better the quality of counselling they can receive. We all bring our past relationships with us and we are products of our upbringing. That being said, we all have the ability to shape our future, and with a good counsellor you can solve the problems facing you and be the best person you can be.


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