Anger Management Counselling And Therapy

An Eight Week Emotional Intelligence Course on:
‘How To Stop the Destructive Vicious Cycle of Chronic Anger!’


Clients learn:

  • how anger affects their lives
  • about their own personal anger style
  • how to become mindful of their mental & emotional state
  • bio-feedback & deep muscle relaxation training
  • how to de-escalate arguments and anger surges
  • how to detoxify negative thinking
  • how to tolerate emotional pressures
  • how to become assertive instead of passive or aggressive
  • how to argue effectively

After helping individuals and families for over 25 years… I think we have learned something about how people change.
Now our 8-week proven program is offered in one full-day training.
Our Program is for:
Pre-Court: Clients who want to show the Crown that they acknowledge they have struggled with anger, and have been proactive in getting the tools needed to avoid being a repeat offender.

Post-Court: Court-ordered Anger Management Program to assist clients who need to stop the ‘Destructive Vicious Cycle of Anger’!

Priced Right!
Many courses cost $800-$1000. This one day intensive program begins at $399

Training Foundations

  • Psycho-Educational Training – How the Brain Trains
  • Empowering Emotional Intelligence & Competencies
  • Self-Awareness Training
  • Behavioural Modification Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Re-structuring
  • Relaxation Training
  • Systematic Desensitization Training
  • Validity Testing
  • Communication Tools
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Mood Management Tools
  • Long-term follow through program (6 month)

This program runs monthly

  • Flexible and Timely

“I have had my temper for as long as I can remember… I thought it was just part of who I am.I now channel this energy for my benefit. I guess I have changed.”

Bill Hamilton

Arousal Mountain by Dr. Cathryn Harris


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