Understanding & Awareness Exercise

Understanding & Awareness Exercise

Understanding & Awareness Exercise

This exercise takes into consideration your environment, body, emotions, behaviours, and thoughts. It’s a first step in understanding your current circumstances and trying to gain some awareness and perspective. It may be helpful to jot down some notes or journal about each section.

  1. Environmental changes / Life situations:
    Have I experienced any recent changes?
    What have been the most stressful events for me in the past year? 3 years?
    List other significant events or circumstances that come to mind.
  2. Physical Reactions:
    What physical symptoms trouble me such as: changes in energy level, appetite,sleep, weight gain or loss? Are there specific physical symptoms such as increased rapid heart rate, breathing difficulty, or pain?
  3. Moods:
    What words describe my overall mood?

    Content happy sad nervous angry
    Guilty depressed

    frightened proud cheerful
    Disappointed anxious irritated ashamed insecure
    Enraged loving hopeful hopeless panicky

    Other mood words I want to add:

  4. Behaviours:
    What things do I do that I would like to change or improve? At work? At home? With friends? By myself?
  5. Thoughts:
    When I have strong moods, what thoughts do I have about myself? Other people? My future? What thoughts interfere with doing things I would like to do or think I should do? What images or memories come into my mind?

Mind Over Mood, Greenberger & Padesky
The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook, Bourne

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