Anxiety Disorders

How Meditation Can Improve Anxiety Disorders

Published On: September 4, 2021

Meditation is a great tool for anybody who has ever suffered from an anxiety disorder. The primary goal of meditation is to clear your mind and to be able to bring your attention to the...

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Online Counselling for Grief

The 5 Stages Of Grief: The Process & The Journey to Acceptance & How to Cope

Published On: September 2, 2021

Enduring the loss of a loved one or friend is never an easy road. Still, death forms part of life and with the grief comes many other emotional things. Some steps in the grieving process...

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Fact: Either You Discipline Yourself or Somebody Else Will

Published On: August 27, 2021

There are a lot of people in this world who think that authority is a problem. They really have a tough time with anybody or anything trying to exercise authority over them. These are rebellious...

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Good habits

5 Reasons Why You Need to Form Good Habits

Published On: August 25, 2021

Your habits define you whether they are good or bad. If you want to transform your life for the better, you will want to form good habits. As it is not always easy to form...

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Back to School - Covid 19

Helping Kids Get Back to School

By: Karene Martin-Russell

Published On: August 12, 2021

A lot of families avoid talking about school when there’s still so much of summer left, but this isn’t an ordinary school year. As kids head back into their virtual and physical classrooms, they may...

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mental health counselling

Bouncing Back from Covid

By: Karene Martin-Russell

Published On: August 10, 2021

The world is opening up again but what does that mean for your mental health? Maybe you just started to get used to slowing down and now you’re feeling disoriented as the pace of your...

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