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    coping with death

    Mourning A Loved One

    By: Dr Sharon Verniero

    Published On: April 30, 2020

    We, creatures of the earth, have evolved in a way that makes us need to be connected to each other. Life can be seen as a pattern of relationships, a series of bonds. After a...

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    Hope & Despair - Bayridge

    Hope & Despair – Part 2

    By: Kim Christink

    Published On: April 20, 2020

    We have stated that you cannot live with hope without despair nipping at its heels. So, the question arises, ‘How does one gently lean towards hope while resisting the gravity of despair?’   As humans,...

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    Poem By Kim Christink

    Poem By Sarah Grace Christink

    By: Sarah Grace Christink

    Published On: April 17, 2020

    These days are strange. Uncertain and enlivening. I wonder, what’s ahead. I wonder, more, everyday. I feel you. Appreciate you. Remember you. (At least 6ft apart) …we stand. No contact. No hugs. But I feel...

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    Despair & Hope

    Despair & Hope Are Travel Buddies! Part 1

    By: Kim Christink, RP

    Published On: April 14, 2020

    Have you ever felt its shadow swoop over your head like an eclipse of the sun, sending a shudder through your bones? As kids we remember the first time we went down in the dark...

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    Online therapy session

    The Advantages Of Therapy With Video Calls

    By: Chad Tomlinson, RP

    Published On: April 8, 2020

    Like many professions during this pandemic, marriage and individual therapy has had to adapt in order to continue.  Fortunately, it’s easier to adapt this kind of therapy than something like massage therapy: “Now leaning against...

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    Covid-19 family time

    What is Your Family Made of?

    By: Karene

    Published On: April 2, 2020

    There are many families at this time that are home together for the longest they have ever been together. There are many people who are finding out just what their families are made of –...

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