What is Brain Training?

Therapeutic Brain training utilizes the science of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to grow, regenerate and create new neural connections at any age. Bayridge has harnessed the power of this scientifically proven resource to help our clients make the most comprehensive and effective changes in their lives.

Brain training can be taken both on its own or in conjunction with a therapeutic journey with our clinicians. Most brain training modules are presented in an individualized, fun and interactive platform that improves resilience and cognitive faculties. We endorse the effectiveness of brain training as most individuals can use it at any moment in their lives to improve their outcomes.

Benefits Of Brain Training

  • More Focused
  • More Self-Aware
  • More Resilient
  • More Positive
  • More Confident
  • More Mindful
  • Less Negative
  • Less Anxious

Getting The Most Out Of Your Therapy Experience

Bayridge Counselling Centres has partnered with Total Brain to offer this revolutionary app to our clients.

Self-Monitoring And
Self-Care Platform

Total Brain is a Brain health and performance self-monitoring and self-care platform.

As Brain health can be measured, improved, and managed like our physical health, improving brain fitness is vital for living our best lives.

After a quick brain assessment and screening on the app, an individual Brain fitness journey will be provided to train your brain for emotional and cognitive improvements. Our brains respond quickly to training and just a few minutes a day performed consistently can lead to better Brain and emotional health.

ASSESSMENTS are completed in 4 Domain areas:





Bayridge is committed to your well-being and to improving your commitment to self-care. As such, this powerful tool will help to achieve better outcomes by providing consistent training and measurable results both between and after sessions with your therapist. By utilizing a fun, dynamic and easy-to-use gamified app, Total Brain can help to maximize the care and treatment we provide to our clients.

Want To Get Started?
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To learn more about the benefits of bran training or to find out how to get started, please contact your Bayridge therapist or click on the learn more link below.

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