Cathy Penny

Cathy Penny


Registered Social Worker

Office: Location Virtual/Online Therapy
Focus: anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and trauma

Whether you are seeking support for mental health or work, it is my belief nobody gets anywhere alone.
With evidence-based practice as my cornerstone, I am a compassionate, trauma informed therapist who will remain open minded and practical, helping you address your situation(s), whether they be mental health challenges, life stressors, life transitions and the need for rehabilitation. I have specialized training for anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and trauma. Through practical programs like self-esteem building, boundary setting, communications, and values it is easier to focus on your life goals and put together a practical short term and long-term plan.

If you are pondering with one of life’s existential questions, who am I? or why am I here? I am happy to use my specialized training in career exploration to assist you with finding your way.

I have Master of Social Work training and am registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Worker. I am also a Registered Rehabilitation Specialist with the Vocational Rehabilitation Association and would consider it a pleasure to assist you with your life challenges or life endeavours. My aim is to help you understand who you are and help you achieve your life, health, and wellness goals.



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