Cheryl Harris Taylor

Cheryl Harris Taylor


Registered Social Worker

Office: virtual
Focus: anxiety, depression, trauma, crisis intervention, child’s wellbeing, family relationships and attachment, elder abuse

We are all affected by a variety of experiences in our lives. Most times we can handle difficult situations and sometimes the energy is not present to do so. Acknowledging and recognizing when needing help and accepting help can lead to a new beginning. This process, of opening a door for help, can be extremely difficult. When the door is open positive change can occur.

As a Master of Social Work graduate from the University of Calgary and a psychotherapist/Social worker, with over thirty years experience in areas of mental health (anxiety, depression, trauma; crisis intervention, and other issues), child welfare (a child’s wellbeing, family relationships and attachment), and health care (living with a chronic illness and/or managing the health care system, elder abuse, care giver burnout) have given me the abilities and understanding to provide therapy to fit with the person’s needs and capabilities.

My approach is to provide compassion, acceptance, client centred focus and therapeutic techniques, such as, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, solution focus, and attachment theory; to help a person open the door and become aware of who they are- their strengths, abilities to self-care and improve their well being.


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