Seminar Selection Suggestions

Seminars by Kim Christink

  • Relationships
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Boundaries
  • Shame Based Families
  • A Beautiful Mind
  • Blending Families
  • Overcoming Depression & Anxiety
  • Eight Steps to Overcome Chronic Anger
  • Successfully Navigating Through Separation & Divorce
  • The Passive Male
  • Parent Alienation Syndrome PAS
  • Snakes in Suits – Psychopaths among us!
  • Emotional Unavailable Partners

Seminars by Mark Laing


  • Boundaries
  • Boundaries in Marriage
  • Boundaries for Kids


  • Guess Who’s Looking


  • Love & Respect
  • Psalm 23 and Conflict
  • 2% Solution


  • Depression in a Christian’s Heart


  • The Two Fueling Stations of Life


  • A Psychological and Spiritual Guide to Forgiveness


  • The 4 Goals of Misbehaviour
  • Conflict Free Parenting


  • The Kinks in My Armour

Seminars by Lorne Shepherd

Sex Never a Four-Letter Word – Sexuality for Teenagers

  • Why Forgiveness is Necessary
  • Working Through the Steps of Forgiveness
  • Maintaining Ongoing Forgiveness
  • Things to let go of
Love Making His Way
  • God Priorities
  • Marriage Is God’s Idea
  • Why We Feel the Way We Do
  • How to Love Part 1
  • How to Love Part 2
  • Love Relationships on 3 Levels
  • God’s Plan for Our Sexuality
  • Sexual Needs of Men and Women
  • Communication
  • Headships, Submission, and Finances
  • The Unsaved Partner
  • Healing Childhood Hurts
What a Women Needs From A Man

Seminars by Nancy Wall

  • Premarital Seminar

Please Note: Seminars and workshops may vary at any time and are based on speaker availability. Customized seminar topics are also available; contact our office with a seminar request or for more information

If you are interested in one of our seminars, have questions, or would like to customize a seminar for your group,

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