Published On: February 3, 2015

Are you trying to start a family and it’s not going according to plan? You may feel pressure from family or friends asking when you will have a baby. You start to wonder if you will ever be a parent. You are not alone. 1/5 Canadian couples experience infertility defined as trying to conceive without resulting in a pregnancy for a period of one year.

What can you do?

Most doctors recommend waiting one year before consulting a physician or fertility expert.
If you feel you have waited long enough consult your family physician. You and your partner will need medical testing to discern the cause of infertility and your doctor may recommend you to a fertility specialist for further treatment.

Try not to put your life on hold.
Are you trapped thinking “what if” and planning your life “just in case”…. you become pregnant. It is tough, but moving forward with your future plans and decisions are important to your well-being. Putting your plans on hold will create more anxiety and worry. Living in your present reality will help you and your partner to stay focused on building your relationship. Continue to be involved in activities that you enjoy and find fulfilling. Set achievable goals that you can manage such as a home project, taking a trip, or trying a new hobby.

Talk to a trustworthy friend or support network.
Vocalizing your feelings, concerns, and experiences can help alleviate the isolation you may feel. By connecting with others in a similar situation you are not alone. It may be freeing not to have to keep your infertility struggle a secret.

Take care of yourself.
Sometimes people experiencing infertility may have feelings of guilt, blame, or inadequacy. You may consider counseling to address these feelings. Managing and caring for your emotional health is an important piece as you cope with infertility.