Coronavirus Information and Update

An Important Updated Message Regarding COVID-19

We at Bayridge Counselling Centres join millions of other health care providers around the world in being concerned about COVID-19.

Although the provincial government is allowing therapy to occur in person, their intent, as well as, that of our regulatory Colleges is ” we should still use extreme caution”. They are encouraging us to continue to reduce or limit face to face therapy whenever possible. Health risks are still high.

Bayridge Vaccination Policy Effective immediately

Client and therapist safety is of prime importance to Bayridge Counselling Centres.

All therapists looking to conduct “face to face” therapy or be in direct contact with Bayridge clients must be fully vaccinated, with the required 2 doses of a WHO approved vaccine.

All clients 12 years and older, requesting “face to face” therapy sessions must be fully vaccinated, with the required 2 doses of a WHO approved vaccine.

All persons requesting “face-to-face” contact, both staff and clients, must follow our COVID-19 protocols for physical distancing and masking while in Bayridge offices.

In respecting the privacy of our clients and therapists; if the clients and/or therapists do not want to disclose vaccination information, they will be respected fully, however, they will need to use distant technology (virtual) at this time.

Video conferencing sessions have proven to be very effective in therapy sessions and can guarantee no interruption in the important flow of your therapy treatment. Call the office at (905) 319-1488 if you have any questions or concerns. We can arrange this alternative method for you and your therapist.

New clients are welcome to get started too, just call the office for us to set up and appointment.

Your health is our greatest concern!

Stay Well . . . Stay Safe . . . Stay Connected!

A Message from the Executive Director and the Bayridge Management Team

Kim Christink
Bayridge Management Team


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