Corporate Training

Leadership Support

  • Be a Great Leader
  • Mission, Vision and Values Development
  • Culture Development
  • Support for Managers
  • Leadership Self Care
  • Team Building
  • Team Enhancement
  • Inclusivity & Diversity Building
  • Building Positive Intergenerational Teams

Organizational Development

  • Leadership Values Retreat
  • Inspire, Hire, Fire
  • Integrity Check – Values Assessment
  • Implementing Lasting Change
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Effective Advocacy and Communication
  • Membership Engagement
  • Policy & By Law Review

Corporate Programs

  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management

Customized Programs

Workshops and Services

Bayridge, alongside Integrity Works, will design and implement programs and services including workshops and management retreats based on your organizational needs. What follows are packages which will be modified according to your specific requirements. Abbreviated one to two-hour workshops are available on most topics. All times and pricing are estimated. Initial conversations are always free.

It all starts with you. Why not get some support?


“Run it by Theo”:

Personal consulting and coaching

Raised in a family business, owned his first business at 21, combined with intensive narrative, constructivist, and solution oriented clinical training and twenty years of consulting and coaching with thousands of staff, managers, and leaders, there’s very little that Theo hasn’t heard before. Whether you call it consulting, coaching, or advice, why not run your personal or work situation by him to get a fresh perspective? Fulfill your potential as a leader and get the best out of your people. In-person, via telephone, or “e-learning”.

$170 to 200 per hour
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Be a Great Leader:

A personalized Leadership Growth program

A unique 2 Hr a week, ten week coaching program for leaders based on Theo’s Ten Crucial Leadership characteristics. Learn how to apply these characteristics to your personal life and your organization.


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Leadership Self-Care:

A personalized Leadership Self-Care program

A unique 2 Hr a week, ten week coaching program for leaders based on Theo’s Ten Principles of Leadership Self-Care. Learn how to take care of yourself, stay healthy, avoid burn-out and enjoy being a leader.


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Leadership/Management Values Retreat:

Regroup, Refocus, and Revitalize

Based on Theo’s “Too Busy to Manage” article, this is a chance for leadership to take a step back, reflect, and determine priorities. Oriented around living values and particularly effective if done in conjunction with the Integrity Check. A fun and reflective day or two, complete with team building exercises.

$2000.00 to $3000.00

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Hire, Inspire or Fire:

Finding and keeping the right people

Call us whether you need help looking for the right people for your needs, or assistance in sifting through all of your applicants, or choosing between a few top candidates, or determining whether and how a valued employee can be rehabilitated. Get people who have the skills you need and who have values that are aligned with yours.

Price to be negotiated.

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The Integrity Check:

Are you living your values? (Off-site per person)

The “flagship” of Integrity Works’ assessments and an in-depth starting point where you get a clear picture of how your organization is doing when it comes to team-work and productivity. Find your areas of strength and places for improvement. Detailed analysis, reports, and recommendations. Anonymous and on-line. For organizations of all sizes.

$1000.00 for 50 people or less. $10 added per additional person.
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Conflict Resolution:

Individual Conflict Resolution and Process development. (On-site)

Resolve individual conflict between specific members of your team and/or help you develop a Conflict Resolution process that works for you. Also available as a 2-hour workshop.

Consulting Price to be negotiated. Workshop $750.00
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Stress Management:

How to turn stress into energy (1 Hr “Lunch and Learn”)

“Stress!” Perhaps the most over-used and least understood psychological term, stress is not something to be feared or avoided. You will be amazed at how easy it can be to stop being a stress victim. Learn the secret to where stress comes from and what to do with it. Personalized counseling programs also available.

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Anger Management:

Learn to do far more than “manage” (1 Hr “Lunch and Learn”)

This may change your life. Learn how to stay cool no matter where you are and the secret behind how ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can “make you mad”. Highly recommended component of employee and customer relations training. Personalized counseling programs also available.

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Self Esteem:

Build the confidence you need to succeed (1 Hr “Lunch and Learn”)

It is hard to succeed, be productive, and have great relationships without the confidence to do so. Go far beyond just pretending that you believe in yourself. You will learn exactly what to do to build lasting self-confidence and self-worth. You and your co-workers can energize your homes and your organizations. Personalized counseling programs also available.

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The Change Workshop:

How to initiate and maintain change (3Hrs)

Interactive workshop lays out exactly what’s needed to create and maintain long lasting change. Very helpful for managers who are looking to get the most out of performance appraisals and their staff, for leaders who are initiating organizational change, or for staff who are attempting to help clients create change. Everything you need to know about change, including specific tips on how to implement and support it.

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The Art of Emailing at Work:

How to utilize email to your advantage (2 Hrs)

Email is a much utilized and misunderstood mode of communication. This workshop will focus on highlighting the importance of effective internal and external emails in relationship building and information exchange. Examples of effective and not so effective emails will be examined and an emphasis will be placed on issues of harassment and professional conduct, as well as how to judge when to use certain types of emails that may be more social in nature and when to not do so. Email conduct “rules” will be presented along with staff input.

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Effective Advocacy:

How to use your voice well on behalf of your clients (2 Hrs)

A challenging workshop demonstrating effective advocacy techniques. Focus on how to provide a measured response to client’s needs through effective use of communication, both verbal and written. Case examples supplied by agency will be examined as part of the workshop and specific advocacy strategies will be provided. Areas explored include: client responsibility, defining the specific cause, effective documentation, professional writing and follow-up, and creating community awareness.

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Effective Meetings:

Focusing and streamlining your meetings. (2 Hrs)

An interactive workshop designed to help management in particular have more effective meetings. Will explore current experiences of meetings; what’s working and what’s not working. Presentation of clear communications strategies and effective efficient meeting leadership will be provided. Use of memory and attention span research will be incorporated into workshop as well as direction as to how to help everyone who is attending meetings feel involved and leaving meetings with purpose. Simplification and shortening of meetings will be heavily emphasized.

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Bully Prevention:

Bully Identification and Deterrence (Half to 1 Day)

The focus of this half day to full day workshop is on identifying and preventing bullying behaviour and toxic work environments. Staff involvement regarding bullying experiences (Almost everyone has had them) will be complemented by information as to what constitutes bullying, how to address bullying, and how to prevent it in the future. Examples of bullying will be provided along with strategies to deal with situations. It is important that management be included in this workshop to help design relevant policy and procedures. If bullying has been an issue in an organization, this workshop may be extended to a full day with future follow-up.

$1500.00 to $2000.00
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TEAM BUILDING: Getting the absolute best from your people

Team Enhancement:

Let’s have fun! (Half to 1 day)

A fun filled interactive team building “Professional Development” day for teams who’d like to learn more about each other, grow more connected, and enjoy themselves. Great self-awareness exercises, discussions, and games, and an opportunity to refresh and refocus.

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Team Development:

Create a High Performing team (3 Days)

For an existing or new team with no major reported problems in functioning. A three day process spread over some time to allow for individual and group meetings with team members, assessments, recommendations, reports, and short-term follow-up. Key concepts: Hopes and expectations for team, clarification of the importance of the team to the success of the organization, characteristics of a High Performing team, team building bonding and learning activities, goals for team, measures of success, planning for challenges and problem solving, establishing a conflict resolution process, celebration of successes. Summary report provided.

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Team Healing:

Moving forward; Healing and Growing your team. (3 days)

For a team that has had high conflict and a break-down of trust. A three day process spread over some time to allow for individual and group meetings with team members, assessments, recommendations, reports, and short-term follow-up. Key concepts: Acknowledgement of history of hurt and distrust, ground rules to provide safety and security, hopes and expectations for team, characteristics of a High Performing team, addressing issues in a context of safety and intent to resolve, creating Emotional (“EQ”) language of understanding, empathy, and forgiveness, clarification of team requirements for trust, establishing a conflict resolution process, team building and bonding activity. Summary report provided.

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Positive Intergenerational Teams:

Unifying the Generations. (Half to 1 Day)

For teams consisting of members of widely differing ages (Or for managers of staff representing a wide age range). A half to one day workshop. Key concepts include: Exploration of team experience and expectations regarding possible issues stemming from age differences, exploration of current team functioning and ideas about High Performing teams, review of research on Intergenerational Teams, self-reflection and communication activities to build common understanding, team building and bonding exercises, revealing “what’s in common”, appreciating differences, developing a shared language, and establishing a conflict resolution process. Summary report sent to team.

$1500.00 to $2000.00
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Mission, Vision, and Values Development:

Define who you are (2-3 days)

A collaborative approach to helping organizations determine and write clear Mission, Vision, and Value statements, as well as how to effectively bring them to life. Work with management teams and leadership. Facilitation of staff involvement critical to this process. There’s nothing like being on a shared mission!

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Membership Engagement:

How to grow and activate your membership (1 Day)

One day workshop designed for not-for-profit agencies. This dynamic workshop will inform agencies what they need to do in order to build, maintain and energize their membership. Specific relationship and communications skills will be taught in order to increase fundraising success, donor activity and overall investment and engagement in the agency’s cause. The day will consist of an interactive mixture of shared tools, self-reflection exercises and fun team building. You will quickly gain a return on this investment far beyond the workshop fee!

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Policy and By-laws Review:

Are you who you say you are? (Off and on-site)

A collaborative approach to reviewing developing, and writing your policies and by-laws to fit who you want to be. Alignment of policy with Mission, Vision, and Values. Work with management and leadership team. Facilitation of staff involvement available.

Price to be negotiated.
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Laying a Foundation of Integrity:

Living values and embracing your mission (3 days)

A three day process spread out over time to provide for meeting with staff, assessing current Mission, Vision, and Values, summary reports, recommendations and short-term follow-up. Key concepts include establishing a link between M.V.V. and the actual work and activity of the organization and creating an inspired value based environment. Specific tools and accountability measures provided.

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Laying a Foundation of Integrity Workshop:

Half day interactive presentation

Abbreviated version of the three day process. Defines and explains the importance of Missions, Visions and Values to organizations. Explores such questions as “What are your organization’s Mission, Values, and Vision and how do they fit with your current work life? Do they inspire you? What is still needed? Summary report provided.

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Culture Development:

Intentionally creating Organizational Culture (3 days)

A three day process spread out over time to provide for meeting with staff, assessing current culture (“What it’s like to work here?”), the wishes for what it could be and how that fits with organizational goals. Includes summary reports, recommendations, and short-term follow-up. Key concepts include: spoken and unspoken rules, competitive or collaborative, informal or informal, atmosphere, accountability, conflict resolution, appreciation of differences.

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Culture Development Workshop:

Half day interactive presentation

Abbreviated version of the three day process. Defines and explains the importance of culture. Provides a framework for culture development and accountability. Engages conversation about current culture and “wished for” culture and how that culture might fit with the organization’s goals. Summary report provided.

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Inclusiveness and Diversity Building:

Let all voices be heard! (3 Days)

Establishing a climate of inclusiveness. A three day process spread over time to allow for group meetings with staff, assessments, recommendations, reports, and short-term follow-up. Key concepts include: Defining inclusiveness and diversity, exploring possible fears and issues associated with inclusiveness and diversity, and exploring current experience of inclusiveness and diversity (What’s working well, what needs to happen, and what would an inclusive and diverse culture look and sound like). Establish goals and measures of success as well as accountability maintenance. Develop a clarification and conflict resolution process for when people do not feel heard or included. Short-term follow-up to discuss any issues that have arisen and make recommendations, plan for challenges and problem solve, and celebrate success.

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EAP Review and Analysis: Are you getting what you need?

EAP Review and Analysis:

Are you getting what you need?

Close to 20 years of experience with a wide range of Employee Assistance Programs allows for a detailed examination of your current EAP contract, whether you’re utilizing all of the possible benefits, and recommendations to help you choose your provider. Includes staff presentation, analysis of policy, and review of EAP providers and services.

Price to be negotiated.
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SPEAKER: Emcee, Keynote, or Motivational Speaker


Emcee, Keynote, or Motivational Speaker

Need a dynamic speaker or facilitator for your event? Would you like your staff inspired to achieve their full potential through living lives of integrity? Theo will ensure that your people are touched by your message and in the process have a lot of laughs.

Price to be negotiated.
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FOLLOW-UPS: Building on successes and problem solving “roadblocks”


For long-term success, it is advisable with any of the above programs to engage in a one year follow-up to:

  • Check-in to see how the team/organization is functioning
  • Explore any issues that have emerged and make recommendations
  • Identify roadblocks and problem solve
  • Celebrate successes and study how they were made to happen
  • Build on successes

Specific follow-up demonstrates commitment, builds trust and morale, and counteracts detachment, cynicism, and “lip service”.

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All pricing is flexible based on number of staff, length and scope of work, and other considerations (i.e. Not for profit status and expenses) and includes “prep” time. Let’s talk.

If you are interested in one of our seminars, have questions,or would like to customize a seminar for your group,

Contact Us At: (905)-319-1488

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