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Affair Recovery Mississauga

We all secretly fear hearing the words “I have had an affair.” Just the thought sends reverberations through our entire being, and yet they are more prevalent now than they were just twenty years ago. How does one pick their shattered heart off the floor and keep breathing while trying to reestablish love and trust?

Women, as well as men, wander outside the boundaries of relationships, fracturing foundations that have been cemented for years, often decades. This is not a small issue in the relationship or to the individuals. In fact, both parties often experience significant trauma that affects them at the core of their personhood. Researchers know that trauma is present in most cases of severe emotional hurt. It is no wonder we fear being hurt. It is no wonder it leaves scars.

These are critical times for the individual as well as for the family. Research clearly shows that if individuals and couples do not effectively process the trauma of affairs they will carry it into the future, negatively affecting their self-confidence, reactions and ability to trust and love again.

At Bayridge Family Center we have several seasoned marriage and family therapists who specialize in affair recovery. This is a specialized field that requires experience and skills to help you navigate through the very stormy journey, taking you safely to a place of peace, forgiveness and freedom.



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