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345 Lakeshore Rd. East, Unit 309, Oakville, ON L6J 1J5

‘Why’ questions are often the difficult questions of life. Choosing the right therapist is not one of the great ‘life questions’ we face, but choosing the right person to help answer some of these vital life questions is certainly critical.

At Bayridge, our team works with some of the most important decisions of our clients' lives. Whether it is your children and teens, career and development, or your moods and relationships, we love helping you discover new paths, creative responses and effective skills. Our team specializes in targeted areas that individuals, couples, and families tend to wrestle with.

We understand that life is often complicated! We also believe that all of us need a caring professional to help untangle some of the knots in our relationship or stomachs. Our team would welcome the opportunity to get to know you and assist you in the areas you may be struggling with.

I invite you to give us a call.

Areas of Practice:

  • Marriage
  • Addictions
  • Career Change and Development
  • Anger Management
  • Life Transitions
  • Identity Issues
  • Mental Health
  • Professional Burnout
  • Grief and Loss
  • Sleep Disorders
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  • Monday 9 AM – 9 PM
  • Tuesday 9 AM – 9 PM
  • Wednesday 9 AM – 9 PM
  • Thursday 9 AM – 9 PM
  • Friday 9 AM – 9 PM
  • Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Sunday CLOSED

We are delighted you have visited our website. If it has been informative or helpful, why not tell a friend about us? You could be helping them find their way to a healthier, happier life. It is your chance to make a difference.

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.

Benjamin Disraeli

Phone: (905) 319-1488

Office hours: Mon. to Fri. 9am - 9pm | Sat. & Sun 9am - 3pm (E.S.T)

Office locations: Various office locations throughout Southern Ontario