Dr. Zafire Fierro

Dr. Zafire Fierro

Ph.D, C.Psych

Registered Psychologist

Office: Burlington/ Hamilton/ Kitchener
Languages: English, Spanish
Focus: Couples, Adults, High Risk Youth, Trauma, Life Transitions

I am the bridge between you and your ideal life, the one you can’t find the way to reach. Are you feeling tired or frustrated or that you have lost the passion for your dreams and that ideal life? Is there a trauma holding back your power and happiness? How can you step out of old patterns and create new, empowering habits?

Think of having a life legacy architect with the most updated tools and innate skills to co-create beside you. Whether your story comes from trauma or discontent, today is the day to start understanding why you are where you are and how to build the bridge between today and a life of passion, joy, inner peace and freedom, which you so much desire and deserve. Together we will rise above your story so you may stand upon it to be empowered, rather than crushed by it.

My approach is eclectic and tangible. I have been where you are today throughout my life and have come from victim to warrior myself. I have the tools, knowledge and skills to help you attain that ideal life. My life’s purpose is to be that aiding bridge between your past and your amazing, joyful and radiant future. Reach out and take back your power today! Our co-creation will be profound and worth it.

With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and more than 15 years of experience, I have been humbled to have helped thousands of people both young and old, couples and teens. I have had the pleasure of helping others find inner peace and empowerment by their own stories. I have worked in the private sector, government sector and educational setting. It is my belief that everyone can use a little push now and again. I also believe that absolutely no one needs to suffer in pain alone.

The power behind the domino effect is tremendous when you choose to heal. It starts with you and escalates into all of those that surround you; your family, loved ones, friends, co-workers, and even people you had no idea were watching can and will be beautifully moved by your choice to heal. When you heal, those around you heal.

Although trauma, high-risk youth and couples are my primary focus, my more than 15 years of experience have allowed me to delve into many areas, with my sole purpose to help others co-create a life of expansion, inner peace and abundant joy from a manageable and easily accessible state of beauty of contentment.

When you heal the child inside, the empowered/healthy/strong/victorious adult emerges.



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