Elena Anton

Elena Anton


Registered Social Worker

Office: Virtual
Languages: English, Romanian
Focus: WSIB, Anxiety, Trauma individuals

I am a registered social worker and psychotherapist. I have a background in teaching and social work and many years of working collaboratively and from a whole systems perspective with individuals, families and children.

My approach to practice is non-directive, non-judgemental, flexible and dynamic, with an emphasis on learning and problem solving. You are always in control of the intervention, take an active role and determine the direction and pace of the session.

My mission is to provide people just like you the tools to create safety, help you find creative solutions for your unique needs, gain healthy perceptions of oneself, strengthen relationships, overcome the challenges of life so that you can know yourself as peaceful, complete, whole and safe.

I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so, in my practice, I draw on different therapy frameworks according to your needs – Trauma Informed Therapy, Attachment Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectal Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy.

I believe in lifelong learning and, while I consistently improve my clinical skills and knowledge through diverse workshops, trainings, research etc., I always keep in high regard and I am humbled by the teachings I receive from people just like you in our sessions together. I cannot wait to start our learning and transformation journey together!


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