Face to Face Counselling

At the Bayridge Family Centers we want to provide you with a safe place and a professional and caring person to talk with.

We believe that you will begin to feel hopeful once again as you learn there is

  • real help when your life may feel overwhelming.
  • a way to overcome depression, anxiety and stress, and feel good again.
  • a way to recover and heal after losing a loved one, by death or after a relationship ends.
    freedom from addictions.
  • help and guidance to develop and build communication skills and an understanding of how to improve your relationships.
  • a way to transform and eventually end patterns of negative thoughts and behaviours.
  • a way to become the best parent.

There is a way. We know how

Counselling and therapy provides an opportunity to make a change for the better.Our professional team provides help dealing with

If you are feeling that life is too difficult to manage, call us NOW.

Addictions Counselling
  • Drug & Alcohol Dependency
  • Gambling
  • Internet
  • Pornography
  • Love & Romance Addictions
Counselling/Therapy for Children

Real problems, real solutions. We know how

If your situation prevents in-office counselling, click here to find out about telephone counselling.

At Bayridge confidentiality is essential. We carefully guard the sacred trust that is the foundation for beneficial therapeutic relationship. Simply because when trust is established people begin to change. Why don’t you trust someone today?

Make this your moment for change.



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