Gina Buchelli, BSc. Hons (Psych), Registered Psychotherapist

Gina Buchelli, BSc. Hons (Psych), Registered Psychotherapist



Focus: Child and Youth Psychotherapy specialized in Play Therapy; Childhood development issues; Behavioral issues; Sexual abuse recovery; Separation and Divorce recovery; Adults seeking recovery from trauma and a profound understanding through psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Languages: English and Spanish

Offices: Oakville, Burlington

“What is success?

Success is believing in all you can be,
In all that you dream and you dare
Taking time to help others find their dreams as well,
Being ready to give and to share
Success is enjoying the pathways you’ve chosen,
And feeling so glad to be you,
Helping others to feel self-fulfillment,
and joy, and real pride in whatever they do.
Success is discovering new ways to reach higher
And reach out to those all around
For only through caring
And helping and giving
Can life’s true successes
Be found”

(Amanda Bradley)


This is a quote that has guided me through the years. For me, helping my clients re-gain their self-esteem and thrive is the most satisfying experience.

Life is not always easy. Families are not perfect. Babies don’t come with instructions. Through emphatic listening and some psychoeducation together we will find alternatives.  Despite all difficulties loving and caring will always get you through.

Over 20 years in the mental health field I have gained a vast experience treating problems such as:  Child development issues (feeding problems; toiletry training; sleep disturbances); school phobia; gender identity issues; divorce; blended families; separation anxiety and attachment disturbances; discipline and anger management; depression; grief; abuse and trauma. I have worked and volunteered at very different settings: Agencies; Hospitals; Schools; Correctional institutions, etc. always advocating for children suffering from any type of abuse. Since I was trained abroad I did my internship and final thesis at the Sexual Abuse Clinic of the Children’s Psychiatric Hospital in Mexico City, I received an award on my thesis because I was a pioneer on the subject. I graduated and continued my formation as a Child and Youth Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. I started my private practice always reserving space for children victims of abuse. My studies have been assessed as equivalent by University of Toronto, I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a member in good standing with OACCPP.

Recently I have worked helping adult clients recovering from MVA, and conducting CBT groups for women victims of Domestic Violence. Recovery from trauma can be tough. My consistency and caring patience has helped me and my clients to achieve that recovery even in some very difficult cases.

I welcome the opportunity of sharing your story, your suffering and your successes overcoming life’s turns, just give me a call.

Office: Oakville

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