Gretchen Savery

Gretchen Savery

B.A., M.A.


Office: Brampton, Mississauga
Languages: English and Spanish
Focus: Child, Adolescent, Adults, Family, Parenting, Anxiety, Depression, School Difficulties, Behavioural Issues, Life Transitions, Stress Management, Self-esteem, Toxic Habits …

Through our lives we encounter many difficult/challenging situations that can turn into emotional growth when guided properly. Psychotherapy became my passion when I discovered the many ways in which I can help others change their lives by guiding them in discovering their strengths and learning the skills needed to succeed. My therapy style is based on respect, sensitivity and understanding; it focuses on healing, gaining positive skills and eliminating harmful behaviours.

My training in Systemic Intervention and Family Therapy includes, but is not limited to, the modern family challenges that often affect everyone involved in the dynamic. Other areas I see include life transitions, stress management, self-esteem, and toxic habits in both children and adults. I easily connect with children, understand their needs and how to communicate and relate to them, as I have been working with children for over 15 years.I enjoy working with parents, helping them understand their children’s developmental stages and guiding them on how to foster a healthy physical and emotional growth.

In my practice I strive to understand where you are and where you are coming from, in order to help you overcome difficult situations and/or develop skills to fulfil your potential and be where you want to be.My training includes a variety of approaches from which I can choose the most suitable for your particular situation. Everyone has very good reasons to be who they are, and with my guidance you can take steps to become who you want to be regardless of you past or current situation

I have a Bachelor’s in General Psychology and a Master’s in Systemic Intervention and Family Therapy.I specialize in individual and family therapy and have significant experience working with children and parents specifically in behavioural issues, anxiety, depression and school difficulties.


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