To Highlight The Importance of Mental Health Care

mental health care

To Highlight The Importance of Mental Health Care

By: Elena Mikhaylova, RP

Published On: September 8, 2020

If you go to a street or connect to the internet and you will see many offers to satisfy all the cravings for all the parts of your body: food, drinks, clothes, shoes, vehicles, gyms, nightclubs. Rarely is there something for your soul: houses of worship, art, books, but they don’t address an individual’s specific requests.

However, often we have our personal issues or questions regarding our inner pain or anxiety, sense of burnout, or feelings of disappointment, or an ordinary unhappiness. If you need a professional counselling specialist who could help you with that, you need to do research, which is not that easy as just going shopping. I believe that is why many people replace mental health care with distractive behaviours, develop addictions, or just suffer for years.

On the other hand, individuals who consider themselves well-functioning and ok “as they are”, with professional support would be able to gain a new sense of quality in their lives, to increase personal efficiency (proportion of efforts to results), and to develop their hidden potential.

People know that taking good care of their body is beneficial, and that neglect can damage oneself. The same is true of one’s mental health.

I believe we need to do more in order to change unhealthy attitudes toward mental health care, to make mental health services more available and accessible for everyone because they help people to overcome life’s challenges and increase happiness and well-being.