Julian D’Souza

Julian D’Souza


Registered Social Worker

Office: Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Urdu and Konkani.
Focus: Counselling services for clients with Anxiety, Depression, Addiction and Couples with Relationship issues.

Your road map is a guide to your life. You set out on this journey of life full of hopes and dreams. You may be cruising along, at top speed and you develop blind stops or struggle with maintaining steady progress. Many times you are stuck and do not know which turn to take. Confusion sets in when you are at a fork in your life’s journey. While it is important to maintain your vehicle at least twice a year, does it not become imperative to have a pit stop and evaluate your life’s journey?. Assuming you are the driver on your life’s journey, when was the last time you sought counseling and therapy for a professional assessment, evaluation and recommendation of your GPS.

By seeking Mental Health Counseling provided by Julian D’Souza rsw msw you are fine tuning your GPS. (Goals, People and Strategies). His professional counselling and recommendations brings clarity to your road map and clears your path of potholes while you drive through life’s journey.
In confidentiality and in a safe environment Julian D’Souza provides counseling and therapy for you to experience a risk free, safe journey. In a career spanning 25 years as a Clinical Social Worker he “transforms lives worldwide”. He continues to counsel and provide psychosocial education to clients who want to make a difference in their lives.

If you are anxious, Julian D addresses your avoidance beliefs,
If you are depressed he bring hope (helping ourselves perceive every day) to your life.
If you are emotionally tired with addiction problems Julian D creates a path to sobriety.
If you struggle in your relationships, Julian D transforms lives as you transition as a couple.

As an educationist, counsellor and therapist he uses CBT, EFT, TA and Solution Focused Therapy coupled with Inner child healing. Julian D is licensed by the CASW and OCSWSSW. He provides insights, recommendations and creates a journey where you are in control of your life and journey. And as you drive away equipped with strategies to win and be successful, he will be the first to congratulate and applaud you.
Drive with confidence knowing Julian D is a phone call away.

On a personal note and in my humble opinion, “the greatest tragedy of our generation is,
“focusing on another and not living to our full potential.”


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