Kelly Pritchard

Kelly Pritchard


Registered Psychotherapist

Office: online
Languages: English
Focus: Individuals, couples, PTSD, social anxiety, general anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, depression, self-esteem, spiritual issues, anger, grief and loss, relationships, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, solution-focused brief therapy.

I specialize in helping individuals who have experience with mental health challenges, trauma, relationship difficulties, questions about life and spirituality, and similar issues using a holistic, often spiritually-informed, approach. I’ve always believed in integrating the spiritual, mental, emotional, and behavioural aspects of healing. My approach begins with conventional healing practices, and helps my clients understand how these methods relate to the timeless spiritual teachings and practices that have also helped to shape our concepts of healing.

On my personal and professional journey, I’ve worked with traditional medicine men and women, Buddhist meditation teachers, and a diverse mix of spiritual practitioners from many walks of life. And I’ve received specialized training in evidence-based treatment for individuals experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, clinical depression, and self-esteem issues, among other psycho-social issues. I relate to my clients through my firsthand experience with psychological healing – which contributes in a significant way to my passion for helping others become their best, most resilient selves.

It’s my goal to help my clients live lives that are authentic, rich, and meaningful. I believe that no matter how small or big your goals for your life, you have an essential role to play in this world that no-one else can play. And I believe that no matter how many steps it takes, and no matter how many detours you go on along the way, you are worthy of compassion and support.

I’ve often received feedback from my colleagues that nothing that’s affecting my clients seems to phase me. I’ve always found this feedback interesting, because from my perspective, nobody’s ever beyond repair. In fact, I don’t believe anyone’s ever truly broken. And what excites me the most about being a psychotherapist is the opportunity to help you realize that this also applies to you, and that you deserve an incredible life.

I’d love to hear how you feel I can help you with your goals for therapy. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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