By: Kristin Vandermolen MSW, RSW

Published On: December 1, 2014

I believe that each person is unique and has potential. If you are feeling discouraged or looking for an opportunity for change, please accept this invitation to discover living life to the fullest. It would be my pleasure to guide you on this journey.

You may be a leader or someone facing change or transition in life. Perhaps you are feeling the pressure of life and have a sense of fatigue and are concerned about the onset of burn out. We all have times when we need to stop, take stock, and reflect on the meaning of our lives and where we are headed.

Counseling from a holistic and strengths based perspective is a great opportunity to reflect on your life and live life to the full! You are the expert and with your counselor, you implement a process to gain clarity about your life goals. Whether facing work challenges, difficult decisions, or facing disconnect in your personal relationships, strengths-based counseling can help you build the momentum you are looking for. You set your goals and refine the steps in how you are going to be accountable to them. It’s confidential, proactive, and may be the best investment you have made in yourself for a while.