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  • Long Term Disability Services

    Transferable Skills Assessment
    Our Comprehensive Service Include :
    • Labour Market Surveys (LMS) are used to show the current status of employ ability within a specific location.
    • LMS’s will be completed within the demographic area of the client and will show data up to year prior and onward.
    • Transferable Skills Assessment (TSA) is used to determine a client;s particular skill set in order to determine next steps in career planning.
    • TSA’s will be completed with your client to determine their skills in order to move forward with a new career direction.
    Job Search Program
    • 4 to 6 week Job Search Program on learning how to locate positions in a general or specific area (i.e. online, newspaper, networking)
    • Learning and assistance with how to network and complete an informational interview
    • Learning and assistance with resume writing and development, e-resumes, etc.
    • Learning and assistance with cover letters, thank you letters and references
    • Learning and assistance with preparation for an interview, as well as interview skills
    • Portfolio development assistance as required (may go past the 6 weeks to complete fully)
    Disability & Case Management
    • Bayridge staff, coaches and counsellor/therapists all believe in the philosophy of “Work is Healthy”
    • Our disability/case management is here to help the client and their employer through any health situation, where the client is either missing work or has taken a leave
    • Offering short and long term case management to ensure the client is receiving the appropriate and timely care of their treatment team
    Employability & RTW Programming
    • Offering personalized services to employers to assist them with keeping their employee’s on the job through health issues or crisis
    • Completing RTW meetings with client and employer to ensure a successful RTW to the work
    • Developing and monitoring 4, 6, 8 & 12 weeks or longer GRTW plans
    • Bayridge will work with the client and employer in optimizing the RTW in variations that work for all parties
    Psychological Services
    • We have a team of professional therapists that can work with all individual dynamics, including a one day course (8 hrs) for Anger Management


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