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    Mark Laing, Registered Psychotherapist

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Mark Laing, Registered Psychotherapist


Offices: Burlington/Hamilton

Specializations: Couples, Individuals, Pornography addiction, Anger Management

For over 17 years I have focused on helping couples and I have learned so much. Perhaps the most important thing that I have learned is that marriage is not the issue. That might sound surprising to you but I have discovered that the real root of marital unhappiness is that people struggle to have a healthy and clear understanding about what it takes to be an awesome partner. So often I see couples not partnering but at war with one another. When that happens it is hard to find your way back to co-operating with one another and work as partners. Instead of responding to each other they react to one another…and that never turns out well! Learning to be partner in a way that issues are approached as you and I vs. The problem and not me vs. “you”, the problem!

Today not only are there all the old usual ways that people can sabotage their partnership, there are many new ones with the advent of technology. Learning to maneuver through these landmines can at times feel exasperating and confusing and that is where I fit in and can be such a big help to get your partnership back on track. I have an Honors degree in psychology, I am a certified pastoral counselor for those who wish a spiritual aspect to therapy and have completed training with the Couples Institute. I don’t believe that the answer to your difficulties is found in one approach but through a multifaceted approach that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Dream therapy, Gestalt, Inner child work, Emotion Focus Therapy and depth psychology. Since we are all different and have different needs I don’t expect any single approach is enough. I want to help you gain a stronger and healthier perspective about who you are and learn life long skills that will enable you to reach your goals. This is what real healing and resolution entails. Areas I practice in that are specific to partnerships include affair recovery, anger issues, communication problems, sexual addiction (pornography), abuse and trauma.

On a personal note I have been featured as an expert guest on numerous television and radio programs including Relationship Wednesday with Darrin & Colleen on 95.3 Fresh FM. My articles have appeared in magazines and websites and I have been interviewed for many newspaper articles. Now that you know a little bit more about me, I would love to learn more about you and help you get back on track!

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