Maryam Rahat

Maryam Rahat

B.A., M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist

Office: Burlington/Hamilton
Focus: Anxiety and Depression, Assessment, Individual Counselling

From a young age, we all start taking gradual steps towards growth, maturity, development and meaning; a journey that looks different for each individual and brings about both happiness and pain. We find ourselves faced with challenges and obstacles along the way, we develop many skills, competencies, strengths, friendships and companions. We also learn how to express and manage a wide range of feelings, desires and needs. In other words, we become experts of our own lives, and learn how to play various roles effectively.

On this journey, there will be times when we all need support and help from others to overcome an obstacle, adapt to a new change, handle overwhelming emotions or to make sense of an unfortunate event. At these times, seeking help from trained professionals would provide you and your loved ones with the support that can make all the difference.


Growing up, I experienced the support of a counsellor on a personal basis and developed a passion for counselling. I started role-playing as a counselor to my peers and later on in life chose psychology as a profession. After graduating with a Master’s degree, I was lucky enough to start working with families and children in school settings for seven years. My focus was on helping children adapt to daily stressors, challenges and milestones of growing up, while collaborating with their families to ensure that their needs are met. I went on to work with adults in a therapeutic setting focusing on challenges that arise from tackling anxiety and depression for two years. I am currently working towards promoting mental health and well-being of vulnerable populations who have experienced loss, trauma and displacement.

Although I am eclectic with my approach to counselling, most of my formal training has been in the CBT framework. I am a Registered Psychotherapist, a member of OACCPP with good standing and am working towards registering with CPO.



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