Melissa Di Fonzo <br>HBSc, HBSW, MSW, RSW <br>Registered Social Worker

Melissa Di Fonzo
Registered Social Worker

Melissa Di Fonzo


Registered Social Worker

Office: Mississauga and Oakville

Focus: Individual Psychotherapy,Children, Adolescents, Adults, Eating Disorders, Self-Harming & Cutting, Addictions, Emotional regulation (e.g., anger, depression, anxiety), Low Self-Esteem, Depression

Do you experience issues with food, weight, and shape and low self-esteem? If so, you are not alone.

I have dedicated my life to helping to support individuals overcome eating disorders and other mental health and life challenges that often occur alongside it. I recognize that eating issues are expressions of deeper emotions and pain. I am passionate about helping people understand the root causes of the disordered eating behaviors and helping you to get out of the cycle and gain control of your life again. We will work together to help you learn strategies and tools to help you cope with your emotions and behaviors and also explore the deeper feelings, beliefs, thoughts, and experiences underlying them.

My approach is client-centered and collaborative. I consider compassion and understanding as being essential for building a safe therapeutic relationship. Remember you are never alone on this journey of life and if you feel like you or someone you love might be struggling with an eating disorder, there is help available and FULL recovery is possible.

Masters of Social Work from Laurier University, Honours Bachelor of Social Work from Lakehead University, Honours Bachelor of Science from The University of Toronto

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Phone: (905) 319-1488

Office hours: Mon. to Fri. 9am - 9pm | Sat. & Sun 9am - 3pm (E.S.T)

Office locations: Various office locations throughout Southern Ontario