Dr. Mike Strating

Dr. Mike Strating


Supervised Practice

Languages: English
Focus: Relationship Concerns, Difficulties Managing or Engaging with Emotion, Anxiety, Panic, Anger, Grief, Depression, Self-criticism, Perfectionism, Trauma, and OCD

Our lives are filled with a mix of joys and suffering, but sometimes peace and hope can seem remote during the dark storms of life. Maybe you…

  • have been hurt, betrayed, or silenced in a close relationship
  • feel alone, unloved, or unwanted;
  • have experienced trauma or abuse;
  • struggle with self-criticism, perfectionism, or OCD;
  • have trouble forgiving or letting go of lingering feelings of anxiety, shame, sadness, frustration, or anger; or
  • just don’t know why you think, feel, or act the way you do.

If so, know that you are not alone. We all experience suffering and we all develop ways of coping and relating that can work well initially, but may become unhelpful or even problematic in different contexts. However, when we try to avoid or get rid of our pain or when we buy into and act on dysfunctional thoughts and feelings (often automatically or unconsciously), we tend to add to our suffering and move further away from the life we want to live.

I believe that none of us are meant to carry these burdens alone. Rather, we are designed to live in relationship, using our unique and complementary sets of strengths and weaknesses to encourage and build one another up. My work is grounded in a collaborative therapeutic relationship, walking alongside you on your unique journey of healing and growth. I encourage joint exploration of the past and present, facilitating awareness and acceptance of your emotions, thoughts, relational patterns, and values. I strive to help clients create new ways of experiencing and relating in the world in the pursuit of a personally meaningful and fulfilling life.

I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Windsor and my residency with the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium. I joined Bayridge in September of 2021. I draw flexibly from multiple therapeutic approaches, including acceptance and commitment therapy (i.e., ACT), emotion-focused therapy, brief psychodynamic therapy, and solution-focused therapy. I also have experience teaching, delivering workshops, and supervising therapist trainees. My own journey has been deeply influenced by my Christian faith. As such, I work openly with clients from diverse backgrounds and welcome the incorporation of spirituality into therapy where it is valued by clients.


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