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    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Bayridge Counselling Centres is to be a leading counselling facility designed to promote interpersonal growth through the holistic integration of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

    We have been serving the Golden Horseshoe region for more than 25 years. Our team is composed of medical doctors, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, psychotherapists, addiction specialists, child and adolescent counsellors, coaches and mood disorder specialists. We also offer spiritual-based counselling with multi-faith, multicultural therapists.

    Our centre is recognized as a clinical training facility for several colleges and universities throughout Ontario. More than a few members of the team are also serving as faculty professors in universities and colleges.

    Our Strength Is Our Team!

    While we would all like to believe that one counsellor could do it all, we understand that you, our client, are best served by therapists that focus on specialized areas and then work as a collaborative team when needed. It is because we love our work and care so much for our clients that we labour every single day to bring outstanding service to them and the community.

    Our Principles

    The Bayridge Counselling Centres have been founded on the following principles:

    The Duality and Equality of Humanity

    Humanity is truly represented through both males and females. Each individual is to be honoured and respected, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation or faith orientation.

    The Relational Nature of Humanity

    We are social by design. We are fully human when we are in wholesome relationship within ourselves, and with each other, our world and our God.

    The Progressive Nature of Humanity

    We all have a desire within us to grow, to change, to become more than we are.

    The Volitional and Responsible Partnership of Humanity

    We are designed with the power and gift of choice from which we are called to be responsible for our life, our relationships, our families, our communities and our world.

    Change Only A Team Can Make!

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