Motor Vehicle Comprehensive Services

1) Life Care Planning/Future Care Cost Analysis

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Preliminary Life Care Plans
  • Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Assessments
  • Custom or Category-specific Assessments (e.g., attendant care, treatment,medications, etc.)
  • Goal-specific Analysis and Reports
  • Vocational Opinions/Assessments
  • Loss of Earnings Report
  • Transferrable Skills Analysis (TSA)
  • Labour Market Surveys (LMS)

Attendant Care Cost Reports

  • Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Services
  • Rehab Assistant (when needed)

2) Hospital Discharge and Case Management

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Bayridge staff, rehabilitation consultants, coaches, and counsellors/ therapists all believe in the philosophy of “Work is Healthy”.
  • With Hospital Discharge and Case Management our rehabilitation specialist will assist you with your patient’s or client’s needs when being discharged from the hospital after an accident by providing in-home assessments and assisting with funding for any services or equipment that your patient/client may require.
  • We understand that planning for a discharge can be an overwhelming experience and we are here to offer support to the families and caregivers of the individuals.
  • Once the client is home and recovering, our rehabilitation specialist will keep continued contact with your patient/client and their family (as approved) to ensure their rehabilitation and that the recovery of your patient/client is moving forward.
  • Our rehabilitation specialist will also assist with any paperwork required to streamline the process for treatment and care.

Vocational and Psycho-vocational Assessments

  • Ability to provide clients with vocational assessments to determine career paths
  • Assessments provided for teens through to adults
  • Assessments provided are: COPSystem, COPES, CAPS, WRAT 4, TONI 4 & SDS 4th Edition (other assessments can be provided on an as-needed/required basis)

Job Search Services

  • four to six-week Job Search Program on learning how to locate positions in a general or specific area (e.g., online, newspaper, networking)
  • Learning and assistance with how to network and complete an informational interview
  • Learning and assistance with resume writing and development, e-resumes, etc.
  • Learning and assistance with cover letters, thank you letters and references
  • Learning and assistance with preparation for an interview, as well as interview skills
  • Portfolio development assistance as required (may go past the 6 weeks to complete fully)

Career Coaching

  • Individual coaching sessions to assist in developing a goal or a plan for job transition
  • Assist with aligning their core values of their employers and positions that they have in mind
  • Focus on the future and what this could bring
  • Have a Cognitive Behavioural Approach to each session

Life Coaching

  • Helping to move your life forward and to find fulfillment, success, well-being and happiness
  • Pinpoint the blocks or obstacles that are making you feel “stuck” and help to move through them
  • Guide you through life transitions (e.g., looking to start a new relationship, career, family)
  • Life coach is not a therapist, the focus is mostly on looking toward your future, rather than dealing primarily with your past
  • Get crystal clear about what you really want in your life
  • Uncover what’s holding you back from achieving your vision of yourself
  • Take action-steps to achieve your vision by supporting you and keeping you accountable

Psychological Services

  • We have a team of professional therapists that can work with all individual dynamics, including a one-day course (8 hrs) for Anger Management

3) Transferable Skills and Labour Market

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Labour Market Surveys (LMS) are used to show the current current status of employability
    within a specific location.
  • LMS will be completed within the demographic area of the client and will show data up to year prior and onward.
  • Transferable Skills Assessment (TSA) is used to determine a client`s particular skill set in order to determine next steps in career planning.
  • TSA will be completed with your client to determine their skills in order to move forward with a new career direction.

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