Nathan Pillai

Nathan Pillai

MA and BA Double Hons


Office: Burlington
Focus: Families, Children, and Adolescents

I take a “whole”istic approach to helping children, adolescents, and families; where understanding the problem and developing treatment protocols look beyond what is seen in a presentation of a client, but rather to the environment around them and their unique understanding of it.

I have worked in the healthcare and mental health fields for the last 10 years including addictions therapy, adult, youth, and family counselling, trauma surgery, transfusion medicine, medical research, and healthcare manufacturing. These diverse but targeted realms of experience have produced my holistic approach to helping children and families.

Ultimately, I look beyond the usual checklist of problematic behaviours focusing on the whole story and what exactly is happening in an individual’s life and how they are integrated into their personal environments. Whether a paradigm shift in parenting or a program to improve behavioural problems is needed, I find great satisfaction in making the goals of a family or child a reality


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