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    Over the last 25 years we have had many people travel hours to our clinics to get the help they needed. Many have expressed their frustrations at not having a clinic like ours in their more distant city or town. So we decided to come to you.

    Through the wonder of technology, we can offer you distance counselling through the internet or phone. We will be glad to help in every way possible. While some of our programs may not be accessible to you, most of the services we provide are available to you without the travel and expense.


    If you are suffering from suicidal-homicidal thoughts or under psychiatric care, distance counselling is NOT a method of counselling for you. We will not be able to help you. Please take care of yourself and see your local doctor or go to the local emergency hospital.

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    Your Intake Coordinator from the Bayridge Family Center. My job is to connect you with the right counsellor for your personal needs. We have an experienced multidisciplined team of professional counsellors and coaches with various areas of specializations. We are confident we can match you for a perfect fit.

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