Traditional rehabilitation programs approach the treatment of addictions from the basis of using a higher power in order to facilitate healing. For some people this is not enough. At Bayridge Family Center we offer a holistic addiction treatment that incorporates a holistic approach, encompassing the entire entity of an individual.

The premise of holistic addiction treatment is that treating only one aspect of an individual’s health is irresponsible and does a disservice to the person. A holistic rehabilitation approach incorporates nutrition and mind and body relaxation techniques with more traditional treatment options in order to heal the client, as well as the addiction.

At the Bayridge Family Center we customize treatment plans to address issues surrounding your body, diet, cognitive processes, trauma and emotions, relationships and spiritual life.

Holistic medicine is a practice which involves the addict taking personal responsibility and accountability for his or her own health and well-being. Holistic medicine finds its roots in alternative therapies and provides a client with both traditional and nontraditional practices and treatment options. In addition to these services, a client can also expect to receive individual and family sessions and therapies designed to demonstrate why and how the addiction problem came into being.

We have therapists that focus on breaking the chains of addictions to:

  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Internet
  • Romance
  • Pornography and Sex
  • Food
  • Work
  • Religious

At Bayridge Family Center, our clients are provided with a wide array of holistic options.



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We've supported 35,000+ individuals and completed over 300,000 sessions to date.

Pornography: Secret Intimacy

Since the advent of the internet, pornography addiction has become the new elephant in the room. For many men it can be a deeply shaming experience that is kept in the shadows. Studies show that every second there are approximately 28,258 people viewing porn. In that same second, 372 people are entering in search terms for porn sites. On a daily basis there are about 68 million requests from users for porn sites. It is estimated that about 15% of North Americans have addictions to pornography but the stigma of shame allows for only about 10% of them to seek help. Three quarters of that populous will be male.

For men, pornography addiction is a love/hate relationship. While sexually stimulating it is equally shameful and frustrating, if not confusing for men trapped in it. Wives feel devastated and cheated upon. Children, especially older children, are frequently disgusted and angry at the parent with the addiction. Generally speaking, no good comes from a pornography addiction. Many men feel they have done everything they can to beat this alluring practice only to be met with failure.

This is not an addiction that is usually solved in private. In fact, privacy may be one of the contributing factors feeding the hunger for pornography. At Bayridge we know that this is not easy to talk about and sensitivity, along with help, is important not only for the one with the addiction but also for their spouse. Bayridge has provided that help. to many who struggle in this area. Our Center has been successful in helping thousands of men beat the addiction and helped those who are married rebuild a stronger and better marriage. If you are tired of trying to stop with little success, invest in yourself and free yourself from this issue by calling Bayridge now for a confidential appointment. Begin the journey into freedom today.

At Bayridge our goal is simple. Your full recovery. Rehabilitation

After a serious injury, illness or surgery, you may recover slowly. Many need to regain strength, relearn skills or find new ways of doing things. This process is rehabilitation.

Bayridge Rehabilitation focuses on:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Recovery
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction- Bio feedback training
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for living with chronic pain
  • Emotionally and psychologically strategies for living with injury and illness
  • Stress and anxiety recovery
  • Post concussion therapy
  • Return to work therapy

We have walked with our clients through significant trauma and their resulting recovery. We would be honoured to walk with you through yours.

Help is available and covered by most insurance plans.


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