Poem By Sarah Grace Christink

Poem By Kim Christink

Poem By Sarah Grace Christink

By: Sarah Grace Christink

Published On: April 17, 2020

These days are strange.
Uncertain and enlivening.
I wonder, what’s ahead.
I wonder, more, everyday.

I feel you. Appreciate you. Remember you.
(At least 6ft apart) …we stand.
No contact. No hugs.
But I feel you,
more than I did before.

This space between,
nourishes the threads that bind us.
They grow thicker and strong.
Boundaries are dissolving.

I feel the greater web that I have always been a part of,
but rarely allowed myself to feel
‘Home’ within.
This protective shell,
slowly cracking open to let in more light.

The chaos is the air.
The changing tides.
The shifting paradigm.
The looking at death.
The experience of frail systems.
The remembering of old ways.
The reliance on each other.
The necessity of surrender.

I soak up, all of this.
May it have its way.

I invite in this new feeling of,
I beckon it towards me.
Knowing I am an integral piece of this human family,
I ride these waves,
in humble togetherness
with you all.


Sarah Christink