Jonathan Christink

Jonathan Christink


Registered Psychotherapist

Office: Oakville, Online counselling
Focus: Focus: individual Counselling for Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Anger Management, Assertiveness, Social Skills, Addictions, Self-esteem, Trauma, and Life Issues

Life is not always easy. Difficult times are needlessly intensified when we choose to journey alone, rather than in partnership and community. Sometimes we journey alone because we feel ashamed in asking for help. As if asking for help is admitting weakness. I believe the exact opposite is true. I believe the act of asking for help is an act of courage and exemplifies great strength. Seeking support in a time of need is not an admission of weakness, but an honest and reflective admission of our humanity. If you’re human, you will struggle at times in your life. This is completely normal.

As a counsellor who works with adolescents and adults, I specialize in the treatment of mood disorders including depression and anxiety, anger issues, addictions, trauma, ADHD, low self-esteem, and assertiveness development. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto, and a Master in Special Education from the University of Victoria. In addition, I also have training in cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and I am passionate about working with you through your personal struggles.

When we can acknowledge our personal struggles as a normal part of life, we open ourselves up to a wealth of professionals who are eager to provide support and encouragement. As a committed and experienced counsellor, I would be honoured to support you in your journey through the trying challenges and obstacles that are a normal part of human life.


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