Kevin-Joel Coupland

Kevin-Joel Coupland

Bth. Ed, MDiv

Registered Psychotherapist

Office: Brampton/Mississauga, Online counselling
Focus: Individuals, Couples, Family Therapy, Parenting, Communication, Separation/Divorce, Abuse/Violence, Anxiety/Depression, Anger, Grief, Self Esteem, Spiritual Issues, Life Transitions

There is hope. Life offers us all mountain top and valley experiences, which provide opportunities to discover, learn, grow and even develop greater relationships. I believe that our approach to life’s challenges may often hold the key to our future success. However, there are times when the way forward is unclear and the support of a professional is valuable.

I enjoy working with clients that experience “valley” challenges such as depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, grief, loss, sickness, abuse, low self-worth, and trauma. I also enjoy working with clients seeking personal direction and relational fulfillment.

I understand that seeking help is not easy for everyone, but my hope is that my expertise, respect, and compassion for all people will help you feel confident that you can make it.

Personal Info

I love adventures on one hand but, on the other hand, I also enjoy staying at home and gardening. I love listening to loud music yet I also love riding my trail bike through the silent forest. I love playing basketball yet I also like riding alone on my road bike. Yes, I’m conflicted and complicated, but who isn’t?

I have been married for over 17 years to my inspiring wife Natasha. We are blessed with two fantastic daughters. My life and relationship experiences have led me to become interested in attachment theory and the use of emotionally-focused therapy, narrative therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy in the therapeutic process.



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