Christine VanOfwegen, B.A., M.Div. (Clinical Counselling)

Christine VanOfwegen, B.A., M.Div. (Clinical Counselling)

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Therapist / Counsellor

Office(s): Mississauga

Focus:Individual, Couple, Family therapy; Communication & Conflict resolution; Anxiety, Depression, Grief; Trauma/Survivor of Abuse; Bullying; Self-esteem; Anger management; Self-harm; Burn out

Life is a journey … and sometimes, we find ourselves on a cold and lonely stretch of the road where life can seem empty of the warm, comforting light we long for. But, dear friend, you don’t have to journey alone. You don’t have to struggle through this difficult time by yourself… let us journey together.

People are created with a greater resiliency than they realize … and it is my passion to support and strengthen people through the rough patches along the way. Having completed my B.A. and my M.Div. in Clinical Counselling, I approach psychotherapy from a strength-based perspective. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour interact in a way which informs how we make sense of our lives. As we explore the concerns that weigh you down, we will look at developing clarity and gaining perspective so that we can revisit and build upon strategies and skills that have worked for you in the past.

I have worked with individuals at various life stages struggling with issues which include; anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, abuse, self-injury and more. I also work with couples to develop their communication skills when resolving conflict in their relationship. My approach involves utilizing premarital and relationship counselling tools to establish a safe space for partners to share their thoughts and feelings with one another. Developing greater intimacy in your experience with your partner allows you to journey and experience life together more fully.

Though it can be difficult to see past this dark stretch of the road, this is not the end. There is a light which this shadow cannot overcome. So let us journey with hope, for in the words of Francois Jacob, “It is hope that gives life meaning. And hope is based on the prospect of being able one day to turn the actual world into a possible one that looks better.”

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