Kim Christink

Kim Christink

M.Div., D.Min.

Registered Psychotherapist Executive Director of Bayridge Counselling Centres

Office: Burlington/Muskoka
Focus: Couple, Individual and Family Therapy, Corporate Coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

You ask me why I do what I do? It is simple.

I love it!

Nothing brings me alive like helping someone see what they have never seen before.

Nothing excites me more than witnessing the miracle of love restored.

Nothing empowers me more than finding a way when it seems there is no way.

Nothing causes me to dance inside like when I have helped someone overcome their fear of driving again after the trauma of a motor vehicle accident.

Nothing is more sacred to me than providing another person a listening and non-judgmental ear.

Nothing touches my soul as when I see in the eyes of a person, that they too now see the wonderful person I see.

Nothing brightens my day like seeing the dark clouds of depression fade away.

Nothing sends my emotions soaring as when I see someone emotionally grow in leaps and bounds.

Nothing allows me to sleep at night like knowing that I have fulfilled my calling again today.

That’s why I do what I do. I may just have the greatest job in the world!

It certainly is the greatest job in my world!

My mission is to provide people just like you the safety and tools to overcome the challenges of life so that you may become more than you are and all that you can be.


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