Rev. Chad Tomlinson

Rev. Chad Tomlinson


Registered Psychotherapist

Office: Hamilton/St. Catharines
Focus: Couples, Individuals, Teens, Self-esteem, Forgiveness and Letting Go, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Dating, Marriage, Pornography, Communication, Teen-Parent Relationships

With over 14 years’ experience, three awards for my work as a therapist, three
Masters degrees, and a published book on relationships, I have ahistory of success.

Are you nervous about seeing a therapist? Have you been to one before, but it wasn’t the right fit? Do you have a partner or teenager who needs a therapist, but they’re scared or not wanting to go? I can help. I believe we can change and that the process of growing as a person, although challenging, can be made simple and even fun. When you come into my office you’ll be greeted with a warm smile, a caring heart and a spirit that helps people like you feel cared about and safe enough to share their lives.

I have heard many people say that seeing a therapist means you’re weak, but it is actually a sign of wisdom and great strength. Only those who are wise enough can recognize they need help, and only those strong enough will be able to pursue that help.

I once believed that life was meant to be stressful and not enjoyed; it was meant to be feared and not a source of joy. I have since learned this is a lie. I now want to help others find this truth and inspire positivity. My passion is to help people find happiness as I have, and now with over 14 years of experience working with teens and young adults, and helping people of all ages have better relationships, I have the means to better achieve this. One of my greatest strengths is taking complicated issues and making them more understandable and sharing tools to better deal with them with an interesting approach (working with young people has helped with this). This ability is demonstrated by my book, Emotional Sex: Making Good Relationships Great and in my mission:

To help others discover the happiness life has to offer. No matter how difficult a life someone has been dealt, it is my desire to help them see their lives in a new way; a way that is fulfilling and ripe with hope, peace and love.

So please, come in and see me: we’ll chat, we’ll laugh, and we’ll have some fun while helping you find the answers you want to discover.



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