Tips For Self-Isolation

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Tips For Self-Isolation

By: Dr Zafire Fierro

Published On: March 30, 2020

– Avoid social media rumours and obtain only concrete information from Health Ontario page

– Create a new normal for you and your family. Schedule game time, study time, family meal preps and doggy walks. And create a schedule for such activities.

– Organize new priorities for you and your family. Like we’ve heard, “If you can’t go outside, go inward.” Human connection is vital. Minimizing material goods… is always good. If you live alone, reach out to friends and family via the bliss of technology. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while… call them today.

– Allow for alone time and be OK with that. Not everyone can handle “together all the time.”

– Indulge in home self-care. If you are caring for others be sure to carve time out for your own self-care. Even 20 minutes a day is helpful.

– Exercise at home on a regular basis. There are a lot of YouTube videos to help you with this and remember, regular exercise induced the “Happy Hormones.”

– Communicate a lot. Effective (often) communication is key. If you are feeling overwhelmed, let your partner or a friend know. Take time to do “self check ins” and communicate when you need help or someone to just take over for a few minutes or hours. Those that have worked with me… red vs green thoughts are powerful in a time of panic or chaos.

– Delegate. Most caregivers take on too much. Learn to delegate age appropriate chores or projects.

– Reach out. I am living the same situation as you, only with the advantage of having all the tools to flow through these situations and understanding human behaviour under extreme uncertainty, stress and chaos.


Be well, be safe, be wise.