The Bayridge Circle of Care includes the Bayridge Counselling Centres as well as Human Strong, our customized mental wellness service to businesses, corporations and medical health providers.

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“Stonebrooke Private Wealth Management specializes in providing enhanced financial advice to incorporated professionals and business owners with the goal of helping them become Wealth Balanced.

People who are Wealth Balanced understand where their wealth truly is, pay no more than their fair share of taxes, and mindfully secure their financial future while maintaining the lifestyle they’ve earned.

If you are looking for a point person to coordinate and implement investment and financial decisions – a financial quarterback if you will – someone who will endeavour to understand your entire wealth picture and provide consolidated financial advice, we recommend you contact Stonebrooke Private Wealth Management.”

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Book Jane has been disrupting the health care industry since 2016. They started as a Toronto based platform to provide consumers with the highest quality of in-home care.

Book Jane has evolved along the way and today, they’ve grown to become one of North America’s largest networks of professional caregivers. Their platform today services Care Communities including Retirement Homes, Long-Term Care, Hospitals, Child Care Centers and Agencies. They provide each of their users with scalable workforce management solutions powered by simple yet innovative technology.

KMH has grown from a single facility in 1988 to become one of the largest provider of Nuclear Cardiology services in Canada. KMH services include Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) diagnostic services. Physician practice management solutions by KMH further enhance patient care by providing access to specialist consultations and treatment.

Lumino Health network is an innovation from Sun Life, launched in fall 2018. Sun Life created the platform as a commitment to helping Canadians live healthier lives. As Canada’s largest network of health resources, helps Canadians find health-care providers near them in seconds and access resources and innovations to live healthier lives. In 2019, Lumino Health was awarded the “Reinventor” award by PWC for their innovative and industry-disrupting platform.