Published On: July 21, 2014

This exercise takes into consideration your environment, body, emotions, behaviours, and thoughts. It’s a first step in understanding your current circumstances and trying to gain some awareness and perspective. It may be helpful to jot down some notes or journal about each section.

  • Environmental changes / Life situations:
    Have I experienced any recent changes?
    What have been the most stressful events for me in the past year? 3 years?
    List other significant events or circumstances that come to mind.
  • Physical Reactions:
    What physical symptoms trouble me such as: changes in energy level, appetite,sleep, weight gain or loss? Are there specific physical symptoms such as increased rapid heart rate, breathing difficulty, or pain?
  • Moods:
    What words describe my overall mood?

    Content happy sad nervous angry
    Guilty depressed frightened proud cheerful
    Disappointed anxious irritated ashamed insecure
    Enraged loving hopeful hopeless panicky

    Other mood words I want to add:

  • Behaviours:
    What things do I do that I would like to change or improve? At work? At home? With friends? By myself?
  • Thoughts:
    When I have strong moods, what thoughts do I have about myself? Other people? My future? What thoughts interfere with doing things I would like to do or think I should do? What images or memories come into my mind?

Mind Over Mood, Greenberger & Padesky
The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook, Bourne