Bayridge Counselling Centre Now Offers Psious Virtual Reality Counselling

The Psious Virtual Reality (VR) tool, is one of the most advanced technologies available in the therapeutic market and is effective for treating a wide array of phobias and anxiety. Here, at Bayridge Counselling Centre, we are pleased to feature this innovative technology and make it available to our clients to help aid in their therapy and treatment.

With Psious VR, you get to experience the forefront of technological advances in a 3D VR simulation that can be adjusted and modified to fit a variety of different settings to help you progress in your therapy. The types of disorders that are treated with VR often affect the quality of life of the individual and tend to gradually worsen if the condition is not treated properly.

VR has undergone more than 20 years of psychological and controlled research in various studies which have shown the effectiveness of using VR to treat phobias and anxiety disorders. In addition, this research has shown patients achieve better results compared to using traditional exposure therapy methods.

Previously, VR was only available at university research facilities and select medical centers. Thanks to the latest advancements in VR technologies, Bayridge Counselling Centre has been able to add VR as one of our newest and most innovative services for therapies for improving the mental health of people suffering from different types of mental health disorders.

Many of our patients have already started to take advantage of VR therapy treatment to get the most from their sessions, as well as measure their progress objectively. For more information about Psious VR therapies available at Bayridge Counselling Centre contact us at 905-319-1488 today. We invite you to book a session with us and discover how this therapeutic tool can be adapted to suit your needs!


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