Woman Issues Disorder Counselling And Therapy

Well over half the world’s female population faces discrimination, harassment, oppression and severe inequality in wages, work force opportunities, healthcare availability and in relationships. Yet, every day, women of our great country still struggle with issues specific to their gender.

Healthy women are women with a voice and choice.

“Most women listen to that still, small voice inside, but many are too fearful to act on it.” The reality is that “It will never be the right time to give yourself permission to live the life you should be living. It literally does begin with a decision.”

Women are often focused on responding to the needs of their bosses, families, children and friends. They ‘go with the flow’ of the day, not taking time to take stock of their own needs. They often become pleasers and have an underdeveloped sense of self. They have traditionally been the nurturing anchor of the home

and, hence, have defined themselves in that role. Many woman need to be able to explore their thoughts and feelings in order to understand what they want and believe.

At the same time women tend to be sensitive and often their emotions sabotage their own successes. They need to learn to manage strong emotions while not personalize the assertive boss, husband or teenager who challenges them. All these skills can be learned in order to empower themselves and their relationships, whether in the home or in the work place.

As women we need to do the work of becoming.

It is not good enough to just blame stress or others. We need to step into the story of our life and become the woman, wife, sister, employer we envision ourselves to be. Girls, lets get busy! Let’s stop talking about change and start taking action.


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