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    Grimsby Office

    9 Livingston Ave.
    Grimsby, ON  L3M 1K9

    Located in Grimsby Health & Wellness.

    *Free Park at the Back of the Building



    Advantages of Counselling

    Counselling is a great way to decrease stress and anxiety and help you feel better emotionally; however, this can be a scary step for many people to take. This is why we provide you with the care and compassion that you require when you visit our counselling centre in Grimsby. There are many benefits of counselling that you will enjoy, such as having a safe and secure place to talk to another person who is trained in listening and understanding. Let’s take a look at the many benefits that you will receive here at our professional counselling center in Grimsby.

    Someone to talk to

    If you have anxiety, then our trained staff here at our counselling clinic in Grimsby is here to help. By simply being able to talk openly with another person without being judged can be a big help in reducing anxiety. Men can greatly benefit from counselling as well because it provides them with an outlet besides their spouse where they can release all the emotional stress and pressure which often burdens men. Sometimes just having someone to talk to can be a big help. Your counselling in the Grimsby centre may be covered by your employer’s extended benefit plan which would certainly take some burden off the financial costs.

    Improve Your Self Worth

    When you seek help at our counselling clinic in Grimsby you will be provided with praise for taking a brave first step to improving your mental health. You will also be provided with proper coping skills, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, if you suffer from anxiety such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Learning how to cope with this difficult condition can often improve self-worth and decrease the frequency of anxiety attacks. Our experienced counsellors at our counselling center will provide you with setting realistic goals. set and When you reach these goals you will feel a sense of accomplishment increasing your self-worth.

    Counsellors are Gentle

    Our counsellors here at our counselling centre in Grimsby are trained to provide you with the gentle guidance that you need. Each of our staff is trained to provide you with emotionally gentle guidance and support so that you do not feel threatened or judged. It is important that you feel like you can talk to your counsellor about anything without being judged. The process of counselling is not always an easy one; however, if you are treated with respect and guidance without judgment you will feel comfortable enough to open up and share what’s on your mind so that we can help you work through your problems and concerns.

    As you can see there are many great benefits to counselling. So, if you need someone to talk to or are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, we would love to hear from you Counselling may be covered by your benefit package. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call to set up an appointment today.

    Driving Directions

    From Burlington
    Take QEW towards Niagara
    Exit right at Casablanca
    Turn left onto Livingston Ave.
    On the right at Murray St.
    (just before Tim Horton’s)

    From Niagara
    Take QEW towards Toronto
    Exit right at Christie
    Turn right onto Main St. (becomes Livingston Ave.)
    Left at Murray St (right after Tim Horton’s)

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        • Thursday 10AM - 5PM
        • Saturday 10AM - 2:30PM


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